Saturday, August 25, 2012

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Hello family and friends,

My father, Raymond Thomas Davie was a writer and journalist by profession. He was also captivated by the love of photography and enjoyed both pursuits his whole life.
In this blog, I hope to share with you some of the snippets, articles and stories he wrote throughout his lifetime and possibly some of the photos, too.
He was known to many as "Jock", not because of any Scottish connection as some might think, but because it was a nickname given to him by his son, Robin.

Robin was a slight and small child and teenager. My mother, Doreen, and Jock (I will refer to Dad as Jock throughout for ease of reading) thought he would make a great jockey because of his slight stature and were on the cusp of apprenticing him for that path, when suddenly.. as teenage boys can often do.. he grew, rapidly and almost overnight.
Robin (as the story goes) looked down on his shorter Father and stated.."Who is the jock now?! And that was the beginning of Dad's new name!

Jock lived a long life. We were so lucky to have him in our lives for so long. He died almost a month ago at the advanced age of 91.
I am still struggling with this very large loss in my life, but feel so strongly that I wish to document his journey and some of the many, many articles he wrote.
A lot of them are glued in to a small exercise book, yellowed and deteriorated... I wish to give them some permanency before they are lost forever.

As I am a "two-fingered" typist, I was initially daunted by this prospect, however I have found a wonderful tool which I am hoping will make this process easier. My husband, Paul, told me I can dictate the words and they are automatically typed ( in a program called "Dragon Dictate"). I will then check the written article and paste it to this blog... lets's hope it works as easily as it sounds!

My father "Jock"
25.7.1921 - 28.7.2012.

Until next time,

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